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Skyline Classic Chair
by Ekornes
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 WidthHeightDepthSeat Height
Stressless Skyline (S) Classic chair 301/4 inches 371/2 inches/411/4 inches 281/4 inches 153/4 inches
Stressless Skyline (M) Classic chair 32 inches 381/2 inches/421/2 inches 281/4 inches 161/2 inches
Stressless Skyline (L) Classic chair 351/2 inches 381/2 inches/421/2 inches 303/4 inches 171/4 inches


 WidthHeightDepthSeat Height
Stressless Skyline (M) Classic assembled w/LC El 32 inches 381/2 inches/421/2inches 301/2inches 181/2inches
Stressless Skyline (L) Classic assembled w/LC El 351/2inches 381/2 inches/421/2inches 311/4inches 181/2inches


Stressless Skyline – a modern recliner with a retro touch
When designing Stressless Skyline, we sought out the balance between modern and traditional, which gives it an affinity to almost every environment. The Stressless Skyline recliner gets its distinctive looks from a retro-inspired, yet modern pillow design. The sitting experience matches any Stressless, and looks after your whole body. The comfortable neck rest can be adjusted up to 10 cm to support users with a longer back. Comes in Classic or Classic assembled w/LC El.

Skyline Classic Chair:
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