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Now-a-days, reclining sofas boast a sleek design made for maximum comfort; they aren’t like the rickety, squeaky and seat sinking sofas of yesteryear, but don’t tell grandma that! In this age of media consumption, people don’t really just sit on their sofas anymore, they lounge on them. Now that's when it becomes an experience! Getting the big home-theater experience is important to create the best movie or TV-watching environment. Our motion collection provides just that.

Of course, watching movies isn’t the only thing these motion sofas are good at. Their seamless reclining features and virtually silent, power motion designs allow you to be truly relaxed on your sofa and is perfect for even taking naps! While function is absolutely the focus of our motion collection, our recliners still boast a great and sleek style. A center piece in your living room in both function and form, for every occasion.

The Queen sofa by Giuseppe Giuseppe is just an example of the type of recliners we sell, and perfectly illustrates the value to your home they offer.

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