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There are many different types of leather. Here is a list the various leather types and terms that we use to help you determine what leather product you are being offered and to help you in deciding what leather you want in your home based on your budget, needs and an understanding of various types. 

PURE ANILINE                                                              

Aniline leather is the most naked leather produced. It is only a light surface coating to protect it from dirt. Naturally, this bareness reveals all the hide’s natural character- istics, such as neck wrinkles and fat lines, irregularities in the grain structure, porosity and softness, and healed minor cuts and scratches. If a leather’s surface does not dis- play these natural variations, you have good reason to suspect that it is not genuine aniline leather.Yet another guarantee of authenticity. Click here to read more about aniline leather.                                           

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Semi-aniline leather is a successful compromise that combines a high degree of naturalness with comfort and durability. Semi-aniline leather is surface-treated with a water-based mixture of dyefinish with a small amount of pigment. This treatment produces a leather that is soft and supple, yet more resistant to heavy wear. Semi-aniline leather is easy to clean. The natural markings on the original hide are still visible, but are less pronounced than in aniline leather. Click here to read more about aniline leather.

PROTECTED ANILINE                                                  

Protected leather is primarily designed to withstand tough wear and tear. It also needs to be highly resistant to changing environmental factors.These treatments cover most of the natural structure of the leather and for this reason some of our protected leathers are given a slightly embossed grain. It is extremely tough, durable and easy to clean and maintain. Click here to read more about protected leather.

SPLIT LEATHER                                                          

The term ‘split’ refers to the underneath layer of the hide which has been split off from the top grain. Splits are usually given a suede or pigment finish, embossed and used for shoes or garments. Split hides are generally thicker and stiffer than top grain leather and may also be used to in less expensive upholstered furniture applications on backs and side panels. Not recommended for everyday use. Click here to read more about split leather.                                

BONDED LEATHER                                                      

A vinyl upholstery that contains about 17% leather fiber in its backing material.The vinyl is stamped to give it a leather-like texture.This type of leather is good for belts, shoes, handbags and small leather goods but not recommended for upholstery. Due to its inferior quality for furniture, Signature Leather does not recommend nor sell this type of leather.  Click here to find out why.

BYCAST LEATHER                                                        

A split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. Bycast was originally made for the shoe industry and recently    was adopted by the furniture industry.The result is a slightly stiffer product that is cheaper than top grain leather but not recommended for everyday   use. Due to its inferior quality for furniture, Signature Leather does not recommend nor sell this type of leather. Click here to find out why.

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